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Striking the ‘Humaness’ Chord: Elevating Your AI-Generated Content’s Authenticity

So you want to rank on Google? Trying to hit page ‘1’ in online search results? Want to write engaging articles and not sound like a robot? If these pain points sound familiar – read on as we expand upon AI Content vs Human-Written content and how to elevate your AI-generated content’s authenticity.

What does it look like?

AI-Generated Content:

Original Text: “Experience the seamless fusion of technology and artistry with our cutting-edge smartphones. Our innovative devices are designed to enhance your connectivity and elevate your lifestyle. Discover the future today!”

Human-Written Content:

Original Text: “Immerse yourself in a world where technology harmoniously dances with the art of craftsmanship. Our state-of-the-art smartphones are meticulously crafted to not just connect you, but to enrich your life’s tapestry. Take a step into tomorrow’s possibilities today.”

Spotting the Difference:

The AI-generated content might appear succinct, efficient, and to-the-point, but it might lack the nuances and emotional depth that human-written content embodies. The human-written content, on the other hand, feels more expressive, engaging, and conveys a deeper sense of connection with the reader.

Making AI-Generated Content More ‘Real’:

  1. Inject Emotion: Add emotional elements that resonate with the reader. Incorporate personal anecdotes, relatable experiences, or even a touch of humor to create a connection.AI: “Our revolutionary product will make your life easier.” Human: “Experience the joy of simplifying your life with our revolutionary product.”
  2. Use Varied Sentence Structures: AI often defaults to a consistent sentence structure. Varying sentence lengths and structures can create a more dynamic and authentic flow.AI: “Our product enhances performance. It is easy to use. It is reliable.” Human: “Experience enhanced performance, effortless usability, and unwavering reliability.”
  3. Invoke Senses and Imagery: Appeal to the reader’s senses by incorporating vivid imagery. Paint a mental picture that transports the reader into the scenario you’re describing.AI: “Our coffee is rich and flavorful.” Human: “Indulge in the aromatic embrace of our robust coffee, its flavor unfolding with each sip.”
  4. Express Opinions and Insights: Share insights and opinions that add a layer of authenticity. This helps readers relate to the writer’s perspective and fosters engagement.AI: “The study showed positive results.” Human: “The study’s uplifting results underscore the potential for positive change.”
  5. Address the Reader Directly: Directly engaging the reader can make the content feel more personal and relatable.AI: “This product is designed for convenience.” Human: “Imagine a product designed to seamlessly integrate convenience into your life.”

The take away?

While AI-generated content offers efficiency, it sometimes lacks the human touch that resonates with readers on a deeper level. To make AI-generated content feel more ‘real,’ infuse emotion, variety, imagery, personal insights, and direct engagement. The best thing you can do as a content writer wanting to utilize AI? Rewrite your AI Content by utilizing it as your base! By doing so, you can bridge the gap between technological efficiency and the authentic connection that only human creativity can provide.

Did you know you can even do this by fine-tuning your prompts? Stay tuned for more up-to-date articles on AI content! Follow our social pages here.

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