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As a small business, it is important to make sure you are doing everything you can to ensure your website is visible to potential customers. Our Local SEO Services help to optimize your website to rank for local search results. This is important because most people use local search when they are looking for products or services near them.

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Our Process

When starting a new contract we run through our tried and tested system that ensures your SEO strategy is competitive in the market

Keyword Analysis

first we research into the targeted keywords to find how competitive your target cities are for ranking

Competitor Insights

next we search into your competitors in the space to pull insights around the best performing websites

On Page Optimization

next we optimize the content on the site to rank for the targeted keywords. Usually this is one keyword or city per page

Technical Fixes

optimizing your sites schema & structure is an advanced technique we use for improving the sites pages

Off Site Authority

lastly we build the domain authority specifically through local SEO practices like citations and links

Full-Service SEO Packages

On Page SEO

improve your sites competitive edge

site health audit
One important document we recommend to review yearly is a site health audit. These documents will outline everything on the site that can be hurting your chances to rank your site.
keyword focused content
Have some stale pages in need of new content? We will run through the landing pages and recommend content optimization tips that will improve the page for targeted keywords.
technical SEO improvements
Want more insights into what is holding your SEO performance back? We can go through the technical elements of the site and recommend where to improve your strategy
Site architecture improvements
You want to optimize the sites architecture because it helps search engine spiders find and index all of the pages on your website. Pages that are not linked or several clicks from the homepage have a lower chance of being indexed. 

Off Page SEO

build the authority of your brand

Keyword research
When ranking for any keyword it is important to research into the competitive nature behind that keyword. This includes how many sites are ranking and how authoritative the sites are. 
Competition analysis
Every great SEO plan monitors their competitors to learn from the successes and mistakes. We research into the most relevant competitors to help create and improve your SEO strategy. 
Authority building
Building authoritative links that are relevant to your industry is a proven tactic to increase your domains rank which correlates to ranking higher for your target keywords. 
Local SEO
Having a strong presence across local directories is crucial when going for city based keywords. Local SEO is dependent on local citations to directories, consistent business details on directories (NAP) 

What is Local SEO?

Local searches are based on the users current location while regular searches are not. This affects the results that are returned because the search engine prioritizes different types of content for each type of search. For example, a local search for “pizza” is likely to return pizza places near the user while a regular search is likely to return articles about pizza. Due to the different nature in searches there are different strategies for optimizing local searches when compared to regular searches.

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