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Local SEO Agency

As a small business, it is important to make sure you are doing everything you can to ensure your website is visible to potential customers. Our Local SEO Services help to optimize your website to rank for local search results. This is important because most people use local search when they are looking for products or services near them.

Our Local SEO Process

Want to know how I process works? Check out our four mains steps below on how we tackle all our search engine projects



Getting Started



Exploratory meeting

All the SEO projects we begin start with an exploratory meeting to go over the high value goals for the business. For most local businesses they primarily are just looking to show up for their customers when they are searching for their services. I.e. plumbers near me

We will go through the highest value services/ products you offer and also which cities are the most important for you.


Designing your local strategy

After the exploratory meeting we go into our little work corners and dig deep into finding out which competitors are currently ranking for your keywords, what DR you will need to rank and what is the highest value content for your users.

Our research will include an analysis on your competitors, keyword competition research, and a gap analysis to best plan out your SEO plan.


Igniting your SEO

After reviewing the strategy together we start with kickstarting the marketing plan. This will usually include: improving the websites content, reviewing the sitemap/ structure, igniting the domain authority process and improving the citations.

From the first month we start with the low handing fruits first and then continue to improve various aspects of the website SEO strategy.


Reporting & Rank!

After we go through the first 3-6 months the rankings will be improving drastically. So what next? Typically you will find some keywords ranking faster than others, and you will start to see which keywords are going to require more work.

So we will be reviewing the performance periodically together and providing deep insights into how you can provide great value for your audience and build your business even farther!

Relevant Locals Businesses All Have


Well structured services/ products


Effective local pages


Extensive citation lists


Optimized schema


Fast loading times