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This ecommerce paragliding company uses our services for PPC and saw 4x the amount of money in sales in less than 2 years.

Our Client: Lets Go Paragliding

 We started working with Let’s Go Paragliding at the end of 2020. The main goal was to improve the brand and elevate the sales coming in through the website.

They are now a leading paragliding equipment brand and have not only increased organic traffic, but also improved sales through their main website.


Our Solution

We effected combined the Let’s Go Paragliding brand with the Paragliding Equipment. Built out a social media strategy through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We also built out the CRM platform to engage with past customers. Lastestly we built out an advertising strategy that captured a wider audience through shopping and discovery campaigns.

How It Started

When we started with this client, he had two businesses that he was looking to merge, and aiming to grow the traffic and sales to his core business Paragliding Equipment. From establishing the brand loyalty to improving the customer acquisition there were obstacles we had to overcome in order to achieve a strong return on investment.  

How It's Going

Since we started we have seen massive increases in year over year sales, follower growth and in organic and paid rankings on Google and other popular search engines. In 2020 the clients average monthly revenue was $2,000 and now the average monthly revenue is $30,000+ in 2023.

  • 281% Increase in Revenue
  • 465% Unique Purchases
  • 285% New Users
  • 114% Increase in Followers

Year over Year comparison from 2021 vs 2020


2021 Q1


Social Media & PPC


Let’s Go Paragliding

Check out Main Highlights

  • Website Optimization
  • Complete CRM Rebuild
  • Organic Marketing Outreach